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Moscow Investigators Advise on How to Use Online Dating Safely

Have you been giving online dating a try? Are you meeting new people on social media? Internet dating is increasing fast worldwide and Russia is no exception. Every day, more and more people decide to join online dating apps and websites because it is today’s most convenient way to meet new people. There is no […]

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Russia and Ukraine Young Women Falling in Crime Gangs

It is well known that Russia and Ukraine are some of the preferred places for men all over the world when searching for a relationship. Private investigators in Russia and Ukraine are alerting all of those who are currently in an online relationship with someone, whether they have met sometime in person or not.  Despite […]

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Verify and Speak Out to Stop Scams Spreading in Russia

In the early days of online dating fraud, men used to be the greatest target.  Today, statistics reveal that both women and men are being victims to love fraud over the internet.  Although this problem has become viral and is an epidemic that can affect anyone regardless of their age, gender or where they come […]

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How to Win the Online Dating Game in Russia

It might seem a bit cold to see dating as a win or lose situation or a competition, but online dating requires a lot of rational thinking, analyzing data and evaluating how beneficial the situation is for you.  With more Russian scammers using online dating sites, the honest users of the service need to be […]

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Seeking Love in Russia? How to Lower the Risk

The journey for love has taken you to vast and beautiful Russia. A country of more than 143 million residents leaves you with a lot to choose from, and the need to find ways to narrow your search. Internet dating sites are the best way to start meeting potential mates in Russia, but be careful, […]

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