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Due Diligence Service

Russia PI™ due diligence services and business verifications are discreet and confidential.  We offer complete verifications, background checks and due diligence in Russia, the Ukraine and Eastern Europe.  Each case is customized to meet your exact need for evidence and answers.   All field investigators are highly trained professionals, and we enable clients to minimize the risk from scams and fraud.  Our expert Russian detectives can verify any individual, transaction or company in the region, so you can make a wise investment.

With professional investigators in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev, our team is on the ground and able to verify business operations, legal filings, reputations, court and criminal records, visit addresses, and investigate for red flags and liabilities.  Do you need a team on the ground to visit a location, office or facility, or conduct surveillance on a property? We can help. Doing business and investing in Russia and the Ukraine carries high risk, and our Russia private investigators can help uncover the evidence you need to make an informed decision.  Our local investigators help you overcome the language and cultural barriers, and we verify the facts to lower your risk.  If you've been dealing with an unknown company or representative, it's important to avoid business fraud and Russia investment scams.

Thinking of investing or doing business with someone in Russia?

Get the facts, and verify the company and individual are legitimate before proceeding in any business deal.  Never provide payment or personal data to anyone you've never met or had verified by a professional.  Don't be a victim of business fraud, identity theft, hacking or investment scam.   Speak to one of our professional private investigators about how to invest in Russia safely.

Need to verify a company or individual in Russia or the Ukraine?

Our Russia due diligence services are comprehensive and include a wide range of factors, including business and legal filings, reputation and operations, physical offices and properties, registered assets, ownership and representatives, fraud screening and more. We provide clients with professional investigations and company verifications at a fair price, with results in 7 days for most cases.  All investigators are Russian natives with a proven track record in law enforcement or military.  Russia PI™ is the most recognized name for Russia private investigations.  If you require a business verification, background check, surveillance or due diligence, contact us for a free quote.


Russia Due Diligence

  • Russia & Ukraine
  • Corporate and personal
  • Surveillance of facilities
  • Fraud and scam screening
  • Identification of risk factors
  • Entity representative check
  • Confidential and discreet
  • Registration and filings
  • Safer Russia investment
  • Complete verifications

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