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Private Investigators

Russia PI™ expert private investigators conduct confidential background checks, due diligence, surveillance and complete private investigation service throughout Russia, the Ukraine and Eastern Europe.  Our firm specializes in providing the best in Russian private investigation, with the highest trained field investigators in the region.  We provide superior client service and narrative reporting, with local expertise.  Our trained private investigators can obtain key evidence for both individuals and businesses who have relationships in Russia.

Our Russia and Ukraine based team of expert field investigators, support staff and agents enables us to deliver effective results and evidence at competitive prices.   Don't be fooled by a local with no experience claiming to be a professional investigator or company.  Read our Russia investigator advisory for tips on how to hire a private investigator that's right for you.  All our investigators undergo a strict hiring process and receive proper training, equipment and support.  Our company is U.S. owned and managed, ensuring accountability and reliable results.  All  services are strictly confidential, and our investigators have a proven track record prior to joining our firm.

Need a Russia investigator for a business or personal matter?

There is a significant difference in quality among the private investigators operating in Russia.  Many do not even speak proper English or have any real training.  It's important to research the options carefully, and go with a professional company you can trust.  No matter what your situation, our private investigators can help you verify the facts and uncover the information or evidence you need. If you have a personal matter you need investigated, or if you met someone online or in person in Russia and need to verify the subject, whether it is business or personal, we can help. If you're concerned about infidelity and need discreet surveillance, we have the best team in Russia.

Need an investigator to check records or uncover information?

Our investigation team has access to local records in Moscow, Kiev and St. Petersburg, and we also have government contacts throughout many agencies in Russia and the Ukraine.  Chances are, we can help you find what you're looking for.  Clients around the world trust Russia PI™ to uncover the evidence and mitigate risk.  Russia due diligence and investigation services are strictly confidential and completed in 7 days or less, in most cases.  We are verified by TrustPilot and the U.S. Better Business Bureau.  If you're searching for a missing person, need help with a personal matter, or need a background check or surveillance, we can help.  Contact us for a free quote.


Russia Investigators

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