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Identity Theft Thriving Among Russian Online Gangs

Are you wondering how someone could have gained access to your email, bank accounts, or social media profiles? There are endless ways to do it, and online criminals use them! According to Russia PI’s investigation team, online criminals in Russia have been working primarily to obtain significant loads of personal information that can used later […]

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How Modern Crime from Russia Goes Viral on the Web

Every day we see something new that has gone viral on the internet. In the era of sharing, we love to upload, share and watch anything from a cat video chasing a mop, to a super talented little girl singing, to a celebrity´s bad hair day. Big news, either positive or negative, bring people together […]

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Russian Hackers: A Profitable Industry Targeting Your Data

It´s likely that in today´s circumstances most people think it twice before letting someone swipe their credit cards at any store, and even worse when it comes to entering the card data in a website.  Given that during 2014 some of the biggest retailers in the United States went through a data breach, many people […]

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Online Fraud Threats – in Russia and Everywhere Else

If there is a way for people to commit fraud online, they will find the opportunity. It seems that the more opportunities the cyber world provides, the more opportunities for fraudsters to develop new scams. Theft is not always something that is physical and happens right in front of your eyes. There are many consumer […]

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