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Russian Investigators Alert of Data Black Market

It is part of human´s nature to be curious, and let´s face it, everyone likes secrets!  Secrets are power and privilege, and according to Russian private investigators criminals are more aware than ever of this. Secrets have been for a long time the fuel of investigative journalism. With time, the job that investigative journalists did […]

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Russian Hackers: A Profitable Industry Targeting Your Data

It´s likely that in today´s circumstances most people think it twice before letting someone swipe their credit cards at any store, and even worse when it comes to entering the card data in a website.  Given that during 2014 some of the biggest retailers in the United States went through a data breach, many people […]

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Cyber Stalkers Online: How Crooks Put Children at Risk

Do parents really know what children do online? Are we helping them be safe from stalkers and pedophiles, and other criminals? The truth is most parents are not helping a lot. Every day, as adults we have our own lives, and trust our children are using the internet in a responsible manner. It is hard […]

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The New Facebook For Millionaires: Free from Fraud?

A new social networking site was launched just a few days ago, but this one has a very particular target. Netropolitan was announced as “the new Facebook” for the rich, and is described by its owners as the “online country club for people with more money than time”. The exclusivity of the site is dictated […]

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Russia Securing the Internet from Foreign Hackers

Although the mere title of this article might sound sarcastic, it is not. While the rest of the world fears Russian hackers, the Russian government is announcing a project to protect their information from foreign hackers. Did you know the Kremlin uses typewriters to avoid the NSA?  President Vladimir Putin said a few days ago […]

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