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Online Privacy and Data Protection – Challenges of Our Times

Every day the personal information of thousands of people that is stored in the records of retail companies, healthcare providers, and even government agencies, hits the pockets of Russian criminals that will be selling it in the black market for quite a sum. According to Russian private investigators, the data market is today one of […]

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How Modern Crime from Russia Goes Viral on the Web

Every day we see something new that has gone viral on the internet. In the era of sharing, we love to upload, share and watch anything from a cat video chasing a mop, to a super talented little girl singing, to a celebrity´s bad hair day. Big news, either positive or negative, bring people together […]

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Think Twice Before Accepting a Public Digital Life

Lots of people nowadays have come to agree that the mere fact of being online is an acceptance of having a public digital life. Even worse is the fact that many think that the loss of privacy is just part of modernity, something that is inevitable if we want to live in peace as an […]

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Russian Hackers: A Profitable Industry Targeting Your Data

It´s likely that in today´s circumstances most people think it twice before letting someone swipe their credit cards at any store, and even worse when it comes to entering the card data in a website.  Given that during 2014 some of the biggest retailers in the United States went through a data breach, many people […]

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Russia Securing the Internet from Foreign Hackers

Although the mere title of this article might sound sarcastic, it is not. While the rest of the world fears Russian hackers, the Russian government is announcing a project to protect their information from foreign hackers. Did you know the Kremlin uses typewriters to avoid the NSA?  President Vladimir Putin said a few days ago […]

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