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US-Russia Frictions Affecting International Relationships

Historically the United States and Russia have had many political issues.  The relationship between both countries has had its ups and downs, but this might be one of the worst relationships since the Cold War ended. In a series of penalties from one country to the other, many people are being affected, including those with […]

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Increasing Availability of Resources for Online Scams

Most scams are not the original creation of an apprentice in the area with a lot of imagination, but well tested schemes that are transferred from one criminal to another through the web. Almost every aspect of cybercrime has been designed, and even sold like any other service you may think of. Like dinner in […]

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Russian Investigators Alert of Data Black Market

It is part of human´s nature to be curious, and let´s face it, everyone likes secrets!  Secrets are power and privilege, and according to Russian private investigators criminals are more aware than ever of this. Secrets have been for a long time the fuel of investigative journalism. With time, the job that investigative journalists did […]

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