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Social Media Safety Tips – How Not to Be a Victim

Social media is used by over a billion people around the world.  Whether we like it or not, we are all part of this online world.  For those of us who use social media, it’s important to enjoy the benefits but at a minimum risk.  Exposing our personal information online can put us at risk […]

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Russia Continues to Top the Dating Scam List for Countries

Looking for love in Russia? Sure. But how to do it safely when Russia continues to be in the top of the dating scams statistics? Experts in fraud advise that getting informed and hiring professional services like background check investigations by reputable investigators  is the key to staying safe while taking advantage of the benefits that […]

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Creating a Safe Online Environment for Children

Parents more than ever need to be aware of the risks that their children face online, and they need to take action! The thoughts of what your child might come across online can be worrying, but being prepared and educated is the first step to creating a safe online environment for children. “It is important […]

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The Glorification of Hackers is Putting Privacy at Risk

Hackers have become in the eyes of many some of the most noble professionals in the world. People often classify hackers in good and bad, being the good those who fight against corruption and use their skills to defend human rights. The real problem is, where do you draw the line when both “good” and […]

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Russian Online Dating Scams Are Not a Game

Thousands of people are victim every year to Russian online dating scammers, but not everyone is victim in the same way. Some people lose their life-time savings, some lose their peace of mind due to extortion, some others are victim of identity theft and find out years later that their names and personal information have […]

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Hire a Private Investigator in Russia and Avoid Pitfalls

Private investigations are no DIY (do-it-yourself) tasks, especially in Russia. The internet has erroneously given us the idea that it only takes an online search to learn how to do everything. There are millions of manuals, databases and videos online explaining how-to do almost everything you can think of. But the reality is that most […]

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